Ed Cunningham |January 13 2021

On File: Stereogirl

Ed Cunningham


January 13 2021

On File: Stereogirl

Channelling decades of different styles of British and American rock, Stereogirl are one of Tokyo’s loudest rising bands. Stereogirl guitarist Chamicot gives a swift lowdown of some of the music that made her.

Bar the language differences and decisively un-Mancunian drawl, Stereogirl sound lifted from Britpop-era Manchester. Their debut album Pink Fog came out last summer, reviving Britpop’s convivial mix of youthful energy, relentless uplift and saturated nostalgia for ‘60s rock’n’roll.

Actually an alt-rock five-piece from Tokyo, Stereogirl lay their influences on their sleeve, specialising in catchy, familiar few-chord indie anthems. And, in true Manchester style, they’ve got the nonchalant attitude to match.

Here’s Stereogirl guitarist Chamicot (Riko Usami) with some very quickfire basics about her and Stereogirl.


First song you learnt to play?

The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”


First album you bought?

I think it was some kind of soundtrack.


Which song defined high school?

“Tokyo Shinju Kyoshitsu” - Stereogirl (an old song by Stereogirl)


Which song changed your life?

Oasis’ “DʼYou Know What I Mean?”


Most underrated?



What music would people be surprised to hear that you enjoy?

Rock 'n' roll! Especially from Manchester.


Favourite song by a hometown musician?

Yellow Magic Orchestra’s “Technopolis”.


Best gig?

Stereogirl! Then STRUGGLE FOR PRIDE.


Favourite venue?

Shimokitazawa THREE, Shibuya WWW, Aoyama moon romantic.

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