Glow Staff |July 2 2022

The New Glow

Glow Staff


July 2 2022

The New Glow

With the site now featuring a new design, recommendations and much more, find out more about The Glow’s relaunch.

The Glow has relaunched with a new design and several new functions and features. And as well as being both visually bolder and much more practical, we’re slightly changing our focus. While maintaining our current interviews, curated playlists, guides and platforming of Japanese writers, we’ll now also be more actively recommending works of Japanese music, old and new.

Here’s a run-through of the new features, along with the purpose of each part of the site.

The New Reccs page will feature a selection of Japanese albums, EPs and mixtapes that we think are most worth your ears. The reccs will all be filterable by genre, and each album will feature a mini review with streaming links.

Selector is the new area for our artist-curated playlists, which are now compiled in an ongoing series. All our old playlist interviews are loaded up on the site, ready to dive into.

The Explore page focuses on music that isn’t necessarily new. Here you’ll find genre guides, classic album reviews and more.

Features is where we’ll have pretty much everything else. Here you’ll find our ‘On File’ Q&As, other more in-depth interviews, regular columns, lists and rankings, lengthier album reviews and other features.

The home page, as before, will compile a bit of each section – but in a more visual and engaging way. Here you’ll also find our latest featured artist, as well as a few of the most recent ‘new reccs’, ‘selectors’ and more.


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