Ed Cunningham |March 17 2021

On File: tofubeats

Ed Cunningham


March 17 2021

On File: tofubeats

From hip hop and idol pop to economic theory – tofubeats’ On File takes a swift look through some of the niche details of Yusuke Kawai’s background, interests and favourites.

Following his Origins Playlist, tofubeats’ Yusuke Kawai also completed a quick Q&A interview for the Glow. Here is a selection from that list, some practical answers that give his listeners an idea of his formative musical experiences, key career moments and interests outside of music.


First song you learnt to play?

I think the only song I practiced spontaneously was a downpicking exercise sheetin the bass learning book. At that point, I hadn’t yet reached the point where I could play a whole song. (laughs)


First album you bought?

During my elementary school years, my parents would take me to the video rental store. It wasn't until I was in the first year of junior high school that I bought a CD with my own pocket money – it was Sowelu’s Geofu (2003)


Which song defined high school?

BUDDHA BRAND’s “Ningen hatsudenjo” [Human Power Plant]


Guilty pleasure?

Idol music. (I don't follow it avidly now, but I used to be a fan)


Favourite song by a hometown musician?

PR0P0SE’s “Amamoyō” [Rainy Weather] ug noodle’s “Kiken na uwasa”[Fishy Rumour]


First gig?

I remember seeing nobodyknows+ at a school festival at a nearby university.


Best gig?

I was very impressed with Soichi Terada's live performance at the troop cade in Kobe a few years ago.


Favourite music venue?

YEBISU YA PRO in Okayama


Favourite film?

  Happy Hour by Ryusuke Hamaguchi.


Favourite book?

The best book I've read recently is Gendai keizai-gaku no chokkantekihōhō [Intuitive Methods in Modern Economics], but for something in English – Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go.


Favourite food?

Donuts, cookies and black coffee

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