Tetrahedron • November 2nd 2022

A Fusion of Two Hemispheres

Since sphere’s previous full-length studio record syvyys was released over a decade ago, the shoegaze-slash-dream-pop-slash-alt-rock project’s line-up has changed drastically. These days the band’s two parapets are founder Makoto Gomi and Shoko Inoue (previously of Tokyo Shoegazer). And while sphere’s music appeals for many of the same reasons as ever (namely in its direct songwriting and lush, higher-register bedrock of sound), it’s Inoue’s vocals that really set A Fusion of Two Hemispheres apart. sphere has long preferred the lighter end of shoegaze – opting for high melodies and bright chords – and Inoue’s wispy style of singing only emphasises that further.

Listen to “Fatal Hazards Protocol” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: sphere

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