Miho Hatori

May 19 2021


Miho Hatori lays out a short narrative playlist, expressing certain scenes and moods through her song choices.

Miho Hatori’s status as an icon of Japanese pop culture spans decades. Hatori was the vocalist of Cibo Matto, fashion-forward innovators of Shibuya-kei, before embarking on a solo career and collaborations with names as diverse as Towa Tei, Beastie Boys and John Zorn. She was also the first to voice Noodle in the British virtual art pop band Gorillaz.

Hatori’s latest album, Between Isekai and Slice of Life, sees her seamlessly move with the times. Dense ambient spaces and aquatic synthesiser melodies meet deconstructed club beats, a stylistic turn that fits snugly among the current wave of subversive, ultramodern ‘hyperpop’ artists. Hatori continues to be as on-trend as ever.

We got together with Hatori to curate a playlist for the Glow. She described her picks:

“This mix is an imagination story, a short film soundtrack. Inspired by Wong Kar Wai + Haruki Murakami.”


Yasuaki Shimizu – “Suntory” (1987)

This story starts starts by drinking a can of oolong tea on the street.


Frankei Chan & Roel A. Gracia – “The Killer’s Death (Fallen Angels OST)” (1995)

Started to hallucinate in Yoyogi.


Babyfather – “Manna (Feat. John Glacier, Vegyn)” (2020)

Hearing some voices...


Miss Information – “Manhunter” (2018)

That’s right I’m searching for...

P.S. This is my side project. lol


808 State – “In Yer Face” (1991)

...You, driving a Tesla on Route 246.


Martha Argerich – “Ravel: Jeux d’eau” (1961)

I need to rest with a gray cat now...

Author: Ed Cunningham

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