SUMMIT • January 12th 2022

Cool Kids

The latest work from Chiryu-born rapper C.O.S.A. daubs a complex, conflicted portrait of its figurehead through a series of stories, themes and reflections. C.O.S.A.’s lyrics-first raps dive into his upbringing, faded memories and false confidence; Cool Kids, as a result, is as prone to emotional fragility as it is to wholesome uplift. Even with a star-studded feature list (including the likes of JJJ, Campanella, Kid Fresino and more), C.O.S.A. maintains a mostly consistent, focused pace and sound. While that means Cool Kids doesn’t really have any hard hits or standout tracks, it also ensures that it’s simply a very solid hip hop work.

Listen to “Cool Kids” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: C.O.S.A.

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