Local Visions • August 2nd 2022

Summer déjà vu

Summer music often runs the risk of being limited to seasonal enjoyment and if it’s really unlucky, it can be totally forgotten once the season’s out. But producer, composer and beatmaker Gimgigam might have avoided all that with Summer déjà vu, a work so transportive and skilful one can imagine it being effective year-round. More than just a tape of sunny, beachy vibes, Gim’s instrumentals show as much knowledge of looping, ambient music and sound experimentation as they do of funk, psychedelia and electronic dance music. The guests range from art pop crafter uami and city pop revivalist Minori Yoshikawa to multi-genre artist punipunidenki – though each collaboration shows Gim’s openness to a vast array of sound and styles. Summer déjà vu works well not just as a summer throwback but as a disk full of hints, not just of Gimgigam’s skills but also of what to expect from him in the years to come.

Listen to “awai (feat. uami)” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Gimgigam

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