Guruguru Brain • September 2nd 2022

Subtropic Cosmos

Hitomi Moriwaki’s debut solo work Subtropic Cosmos was self-recorded at her Fukuoka home during the pandemic – but, from the depth and variety of sounds on display, you’d never have guessed she didn’t have access to a full-blown orchestra. Art pop enchanted by chimes, chants and choral influences amongst bits of industrial music and hip hop, Subtropic Cosmos generates soundtrack-esque occasion through Moriwaki persistently layering new sounds and doggedly pursuing her galactic themes. While the results can occasionally feel a little distracted or a bit too intentionally out there, for the very large part this is a work that flutters and fascinates.

Listen to “Yu Yu Familia” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Hitomi Moriwaki

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