Rings • September 21st 2022

Kazufumi Kodama

& Undefined

2 Years / 2 Years in Silence

Kazufumi Kodama is no stranger to deconstructing dub; to prising open the genre and injecting it with rich ambience and reverberant hollowness. He’s done so several times over the decades – and 2 Years / 2 Years in Silence sees him at it again. Despite being technically two works (tracks one to four are 2 Years, while five to eight are 2 Years in Silence), the record’s key draws run throughout. The entire piece sees dub unit Undefined and Kodama’s trumpet stretch out the genre’s conventions, teasing out space between beats and rhythms until the music is only just recognisable as dub. The end result is ambient dub at its most inventive, captivating and gorgeously apocalyptic.

Listen to “New Culture Days” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Kazufumi Kodama

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