Galapagos studio • July 13th 2022

Sweetie Sweets Medicine

The boldness with which Pandagolff throw themselves into new stylistic directions is perhaps the duo’s most brilliant trait. The project’s first two albums (PANDANCE and MEMAMEMA, both 2020) went full-throttle for a kind of feverish, industrial dance-punk, unflinchingly moody in style and tone but also playful and grooved in execution. Third work Sweetie Sweets Medicine retains much of Pandagolff’s prior charm – including, vitally, their loose, raw rattles and crunching guitar tone – but again aims for fresh pastures. Entertaining elements of synthpop, indie pop and psychedelia, it’s difficult to think of many more adventurous and exciting post-punk bands right now.

Listen to “Bin wo otoshita” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Pandagolff

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