Self-released • December 12th 2022

Ninja School

While it may be tempting to grade each Sayohimebou release purely based on the extent to which it feels deranged and surreal, on how wildly it seems to whack your brain around, to do so doesn’t do nearly enough justice to the producer’s conceptual ambition or technical skill. Ninja School attempts to envisage a future in which the world, having left art to AI, is culturally starved bar one type of content – that of the ‘ninja school’. There’s no denying that having meowing samples chucked at you from one direction and spiralling descents loops hurled from another is very, very bewildering – but within that bewilderment is much more than just fun oddball music: it’s brilliantly skilful and artistically singular, too.

Listen to “Meow Saw” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Sayohimebou

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