Island State • February 11th 2022

Call Me Mr Drive 2

Sure, Shurkn Pap is no innovator or revolutionary. Little of Call Me Mr Drive 2 (or, for that matter, the original Call Me Mr Drive) offers particularly new or original takes on pop and hip hop. But Pap thrives for other reasons. He’s astute at not just taking advantage of trends, but doing so really, really well. Call Me Mr Drive 2 takes in global movements in popular music, from trap and R&B to G-funk and new wave, channelling them into a disc of punchy, lavish beats and tumbling, ear-worming hooks. For pop rap, there’s little more you could really ask for.

Listen to “Call Me Mr. Drive 2” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Shurkn Pap

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