Métron Records • September 14th 2022


Hiroshima-based plunderphonic sound artist Daisuke Fujita is known for his trilogy of Meitei records (Kwaidan, Komachi and Kofū) that chop up historical music pieces and self-made field recordings into scuzzy, churning experimental epics. Fujita’s debut under new moniker Tenka strips his Meitei sound of both its beats and historical artefacts, leaving behind mere atmosphere – albeit an expansive one teeming with sonic nooks and details. Louder than most ambient music but a little too sparse and abstract to be neatly classified as orchestral or chamber music, Hydration is best understood as something a bit more sensorial. Much of it is exceptionally evocative of the forests near Fujita’s home in which he recorded many of the record’s field samples – and the LP package, which comes with a fragrance created specifically to be paired with the music, only heightens that sensory experience.

Listen to “How To Spend An Aromatic Night” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Tenka

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