Jusangatsu no Mushi • September 7th 2022

Shape of Raw to Come

Sapporo band The Hatch once described themselves as both ‘grotesquely mixed’ and an ‘alternative dance band’ – and, these days, you could probably dispute both of those things. More arty punk than dance music (and understandably on the same label as legendary Tokyo punks Gezan), the quartet’s tunes features jazzy, off-kilter rhythms, bits of ambitious, indulgent prog and a ghostly post-punk atmosphere. And compared to first album Opaque Age, The Hatch aren’t especially grotesque, either. Shape of Raw to Come is steadier and more tightly controlled, though just as sonically diverse and thoughtful in its lyrics and compositions. Dance music? At a stretch. Grotesque? Certainly not – Shape of Raw to Come is one of the year’s most poised, scrupulous and downright elegant rock records.

Listen to “In September” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: The Hatch

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