Self-released • June 3rd 2022


Co-starring a global range of talents (from cloud rap titan Bladee to other on-trend stars yeule, Mechatok and Palmistry), Tohji’s t-mix mixtape builds upon both the punchy trap bangers of his debut Angel and sweeping atmospheres of last year’s KUUGA. Between the expected cloud rap and auto-tuned R&B are bits of bubblegum bass, trance, glitch and ambient music; all as splendidly aloft and addictive, as extraordinarily ungraspable in its textures and as unnervingly, ridiculously pretty as the best of Drain Gang – the Stockholm collective at forefront of this kind of style. Tohji’s most sprawling, dizzying and exhilarating project yet, most exciting about t-mix is that it appears he is only just getting started. Touted as the start of a new era, one can only relish the idea of further Tohji records as artistically ambitious and well-executed as this.

Listen to “shell (feat. yeule)” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Tohji

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