majikick • November 1st 2022


“For the first time in 200,000 years, I bought an electric guitar effects unit,” Takashi Ueno, perhaps best known as one half of Tenniscoats, writes to explain his new 61-track release Tak-Life on the platform Minna Kikeru. Ueno’s jams often sound pure, if not naive, as simple phrases are repeated until the listener feels either tired or hooked; thankfully, the homely veteran tends to goad more of the latter. A track-list that could only be summarized as abundant offers a variety of sounds for the listener to dig into – “SAMUIYO” plays like a brooding ambient music box, while “POOPAAP” rocks to exhaustion over seemingly dated, amusingly stifled instruments in a kind of everyday transcendence. The album comes at the end of some phase of the pandemic, at least, during which the musician apparently played as much as he composed, leaving behind something eminently enjoyable but surprisingly comprehensive.

Stream Tak-Life on Minna Kikeru here.

Author: Toby Reynolds

Artist Tags: UenoT

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