Self-released • June 15th 2022


In over half a decade of Yurufuwa Gang driving as much fun, colour and unpredictability into huge-scale pop rap as they dare, GAMA might just be the trio’s most effective and diverse showcase yet. Four years after Yurufuwa’s last full-length release (Mars Ice House II, 2017), the group has clearly developed beyond its initial biting, loose trap; here the production – primarily from group member Automatic but also featuring the likes of Abelest and Akira Arasawa – is gleaming and variegated, the 19 blasts of GAMA ranging from sultry serenades and fizzing electropop to hip house and cut-throat hardcore hip hop. United by its consistent unsettledness and, of course, the punkish deliveries of rappers NENE and Ishida Ryugo, GAMA radiates a kind of unstable, abounding energy – easy to submit to and, once you do, electrifying.

Listen to “Moeru” below.

Author: Ed Cunningham

Artist Tags: Yurufuwa Gang

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